Wednesday, August 10, 2011

31 Days of Horror Time Machine: Trick 'r Treat

Here's what I thought of our next movie, Trick 'r Treat, when I first watched it for 31 Days of Horror, 2009. It was right off the heels of watching Paranormal Activity, hence the reference, and because there were some grammatical errors and syntax issues, I pulled a bit of a George Lucas and touched up to the original text. DON'T JUDGE.

Trick 'r Treat stars Brian Cox, Helo from "Battlestar Gallactica," and a pre-Sookie, post-Rogue Anna Paquin.

And to answer your question ahead of time: No, Anna Paquin does not get naked: 

October 9 - Trick 'r Treat (2008)

On the opposite side of the horror spectrum comes the newly released direct-to-DVD feature Trick 'r Treat. Originally slated for theatrical release in October 2007, director Michael Dougherty's feature length debut had trouble picking up a distributor despite receiving wild praise on the festival circuit.

If Paranormal Activity is like spending the night in a haunted house, Trick 'r Treat is the equivalent of a high budget fun house--or at least a kick ass Halloween kegger.The movie follows five interwoven stories that take place in a kind of Halloween dream-town where no one is without a costume and the trick 'r treaters stay out long past curfew. That is, it would be an ideal Halloween town were it not for all the monsters and the town's apparent gigantic murder rate.

In spite of the gore, nudity, and language, Trick 'r Treat feels almost like a kids' movie. Sure, it's violent and offs more children than most horror movies dare, but its mischievous vibe and EC Comics influence imbues the film with a childlike morbidity that captures the ghoulish spirit of the holiday.

- K

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