Thursday, July 14, 2011

On Irony and The Alamo Basement

The Alamo Basement has become a bit of an irony hole, hasn’t it? A place for all of us to gather around and chortle at shitty movies and cutesy wink-fests made to send up other shitty movies. We’ve got old commercials that are kind of socially backward; we’ve sometimes got cutesy concessions that go along with the movie—Hawaiian spam pizza, cube gleamers, all sorts of stuff.

It’s been a blast, but I think it might be getting to be a little much. So after next week’s double feature, in which we’re going to follow a good movie with a ridiculous remake, The Alamo Basement is going to go on a temporary irony hiatus.

That doesn’t mean the goofy old commercials and food will go anywhere, and it doesn’t mean that we can never, ever watch Death Wish 3 or some 80s horror movie with a washed out synth score and bad monster masks, but let’s just give it a break for a few weeks to fill up our eye rolling tanks again.

The trailer choices are going to start exploring some other corners of moviedom: horror movies, pretentious shit, westerns, whatever. Sky’s the limit here. And hopefully we can avoid becoming tiresome douchebags who can’t actually enjoy anything, at least for a little bit.

That being said, this week’s movie is The Room.

Look, I said the irony hiatus starts after next week.

With that business out of the way, in celebration of our newly clear eyes, pooping troubadour Michael C. Michael Warren will be putting together a documentary night that’s going to make us all feel totally miserable about being alive!

- Kris

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