Tuesday, May 31, 2011

18 Possible Definitions of "Gleaming The Cube"

1.       Skating around an active airport tarmac.

2.       Hanging out with Tony Hawk.

3.       Witnessing a violent murder.

4.       Staging a suicide.

5.       Having an extremely badass bunker bedroom.

6.       Whatever the hell this kid is talking about:

7.       Hitting on your dead brother’s girlfriend.

8.       Not investing in any sort of lighting for your night scenes.

9.       Selling out.

10.   Abandoning skateboarding for 30 minutes or so.

11.   Gleaming the Coke.

12.   Riding around in the world’s greatest pizza delivery truck.

13.   Skating through a window.

14.   Allowing for the bad guy to escape through said window.

15.   Getting into a game of chicken with Tony Hawk driving said pizza truck.

16.   Skating beneath a moving tractor trailer truck.

17.   Drop kicking an old man with a skateboard.

18. This entire scene:

- Kris

1 comment:

  1. "7. Hitting on your dead brother’s girlfriend."

    His roommate was his brother?